A word about some of the daffodil names we use

All our daffodils will have perfectly good cultivar epithets, if only we knew for sure what they were. As we are very anxious to sell our stocks true to name, we would rather offer bulbs under a trade designation than under the wrong cultivar name. So, after careful thought, we have decided to offer surplus bulbs of a few still-unidentified stocks under “trade names”.

We feel this is preferable to coining a new cultivar name for an old daffodil, which might lead to greater confusion and a proliferation of synonyms: for instance, we’re pretty sure that the plant registered as ‘Barchard’s Hood’ is Revd Engleheart’s ‘Beersheba’, known since 1923.

Trade names are put in CAPITALS. If we satisfy ourselves that we have established a daffodil’s true identity, the cultivar epithet will precede the trade name (with the latter put in parenthesis): for example, MIDTOWN ELEGANCE has now become ‘Golden Mary’ (MIDTOWN ELEGANCE).