Welcome to Croft 16’s website for the 2020 season / Fàilte gu Croit 16

We sell old daffodil bulbs – mostly antique varieties bred before 1930.

A little about us…

The vintage daffodil hybrids we offer for sale are bulbs surplus to our National Plant Collection® of pre-1930 daffodils, designated in 2010 by the charity Plant Heritage.  We truly believe that by making these historical Narcissus cultivars available to you we are improving their chances of survival.

Some of these veteran stocks are in very limited quantities, so we prefer to pre-invoice customers for what we are able to supply. We aim to lift bulbs from May to early July, and to issue most invoices by the end of July.

We do hope you enjoy browsing the site and find these venerable, unsophisticated but enduring flowers as charming as we do.

An update, 29 March 2020

At one stage at New Year we feared we were going to get another unusually early season just as we did in 2019. Then we had six or seven weeks of unrelenting rain and gales, and some snow, from late January to mid-March, which held everything back – so now we seem to be back on track for our ‘normal’ peak-flowering about the second week of April.

Having said which, can anything be described as normal in an extraordinary year like this? Sadly, the arrival of COVID-19 has – as for most of the population – imposed isolation, and therefore once again thwarted our hopes of visiting other collections this spring; also, it currently seems very unlikely we shall be able to let our two shepherds’ huts this season – which is a great pity, because we have loved having visitors here over the past two years. However, we also realize we are extremely lucky: weeding, photographing, researching and comparing our stocks are all pretty normal for us in daffodil season, so we are able to continue to do these things, business as normal, in self-isolation. Also on the plus side, it means that Kate might at last be able to devote more time to writing the book on old daffodils which she has so long wanted to do.

In the face of that opportunity, we have decided to postpone until 2021 our tentative plans to export to North America once again, because there is a lot of extra work in cleaning and processing the bulbs to meet the understandably stringent demands of the phytosanitary regime. The good news though is that this should give us the opportunity, if some of our American customers can submit their orders this season, to ensure that we retain sufficient stock to carry over to fulfil their requests next year. [Prospective North American customers please note though that for your orders we plan to limit the offer to no more than three bulbs of any one stock; and, while we shall jump through the hoops to complete the export paperwork needed at this end, we shall need to seek reassurance that you have completed the required import certification at your end: neither you nor we want to see the bulbs held up – or worse, destroyed – owing to a hiatus in customs’/plant health approval.]

We do hope very sincerely that all of our customers stay well over the coming few months and are able to take some solace, where possible, from continuing to garden.

With best wishes,

Le gach deagh dhùrachd,
Duncan and Kate Donald

About Us

Croft 16 is a partnership, set up several years ago by Duncan and Kate Donald. Our principal business is selling surplus bulbs of heritage daffodil varieties.

Growing Daffodils

All the daffodils in our Sales list were bred at least seventy-five years ago; some more than 140 years ago, and a couple have been known for nigh on four centuries.

How Daffodils are grouped

Over 30,000 daffodil hybrids have been named. In order to furnish some idea of what any given daffodil cultivar looks like, a classification system was established as far back as 1909.

The Daffodil Names we use

All our daffodils will have perfectly good cultivar epithets, if only we knew for sure what they were. As we are very anxious to sell our stocks true to name, we would rather offer bulbs under a trade designation than under the wrong cultivar name.

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