Terms and conditions for sale of daffodil bulbs by Croft 16

    • The list of heritage daffodil bulbs currently offered for sale by Croft 16 on this website is valid for the 2024 season only, for orders placed by customers who had already contacted us before 10th May 2024, and cancels any previous lists.
    • Regretfully, no requests for 2024 orders can be accepted after 10th May 2024 from other customers. Prospective customers for 2025 should register an interest in being alerted to the release of our 2025 list, which will be issued next spring once we have been able to estimate the anticipated availability of the relevant stocks.
    • The bulbs we sell are those deemed surplus to our research collection. All orders are assessed against current availability, taking account of orders already received. Our aim is to try to ensure our cultivars are distributed as widely as possible, to maximize their chances of surviving into the future; we are sorry therefore that as a general rule we cannot satisfy wholesale orders. For most stocks we set a limit of 10 bulbs per order for any particular variety; customers wishing to request more are welcome to do so, but we reserve the right to provide only what we can do safely, without jeopardizing our ongoing collection.
    • We try very hard to supply bulbs which are true to name. Although we rogue our stocks every spring, there is a slim chance that an impostor might slip through.
    • Bulbs come in all shapes, sizes and weight.
    • Daffodil cultivars which survive the North-West Highlands of Scotland should be sufficiently robust to adapt to most conditions, but it might take the bulbs a year or two to settle down.

    • Many of our stocks of surplus bulbs are small, but we try our best to fulfil orders in as fair a way as possible. In order to achieve this, rather than receiving payment with order we prefer to invoice customers before despatch for what we know by then we can supply.  In addition, customers might like to consider
          • suggesting substitutes, or
          • trusting us to select the nearest available match in appearance and (higher) value.
    • We aim to lift bulbs when they are dormant during June and July. In the past, we have not sought any payment until orders were ready for despatch, issuing an invoice and putting aside bulb orders for up to three weeks while awaiting payment. Sadly though, in recent years, a number of potential customers have reneged on their orders at the last moment – after we had lifted, cleaned and prepared their bulbs for despatch: a lot of work, and in several cases involving a significant number of bulbs. Regrettably therefore we may now exercise the option of requesting either full payment or at least a deposit before accepting orders placed in any given year.

    • We reserve the right to reallocate bulbs from orders where invoices have remained unpaid for more than three weeks from the date of issue.
    • Naturally, if customers prefer enclosing payment with their order, we are happy to guarantee making a refund later if necessary, taking into account any changes to the p&p tariff (if applicable).
    • We accept payment only in sterling (GB pounds); details of the alternative payment methods will be shared on invoicing; we regret that we are not set up to take payment by credit/debit card.
    • Prices are per bulb and include V.A.T. at the current rate.  We reserve the right to alter prices if the V.A.T. rate changes.
    • We aim to despatch orders between late July and early September when the bulbs are in good condition.  We can delay despatch if need be, but please bear in mind that, despite our best efforts, prolonged storage of the bulbs might lead to a deterioration in quality.
    • For delivery in the United Kingdom, we have so far found Royal Mail to be reliable.  Please note that once we have committed a parcel to the post office, using the name, address and delivery instructions supplied by the customer, we are not responsible for its safe delivery.  If, for any reason, you feel that your parcel might go astray (e.g. relying on a third party to take delivery of it on your behalf; you might be away; or you are obliged to write a complex delivery note for postie), please consider paying an extra fee for the Signed-for service.  We should be happy to arrange for this at the time of posting.
    • If you are not happy with your consignment of bulbs, please return it within fourteen days of receipt for a replacement or full refund (which will include the return postage charge).  We are not able to accept liability after this, as we cannot be held responsible for subsequent storage and cultural conditions.
    • Enjoy your bulbs and thank you for doing business with us.

Duncan and Kate Donald

Croft 16

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Telephone: +44 (0)1445 781717

Website: www.croft16daffodils.co.uk

ADDRESS: 16 Midtown of Inverasdale, Poolewe, Ross-shire IV22 2LW, Scotland, UK

VAT reg. no. for Croft 16: 890 5340 18; UK Plant Passport no. S 01303